Why Digital Marketing?

If you are a student who is interested in Digital Marketing, Then this is for you to understand. Or say you are someone who learnt Digital Marketing and want to start working on it. First we should know what is Digital Marketing? How Digital Marketing is evolved since 2020? Is it the Old School ways that play the game today in Digital World?

The First Answer comes that Digital Marketing is a Game changing Marketing Strategy that is leading the marketing bringing in the audience that increase the visibility of a business/product. Businesses are either more interested in Branding their Services/Products OR  ready to invest in advertising by investing in paid ads that drive in direct sales.

Since 2020(Covid 19) effects paved a wider way for  Online Marketing – including education, services and marketing. This indicates that we Digital Marketing is high on its way since 2020 to 2022.

Is it the Old School ways that play the game today in Digital World?

No definitely not is the answer. Prior Covid i.e before 2019 we had backlink submissions, Directory submissions, huge link building process that run the show in achieving a great SEO. But Google latest algorithms and upgraded ranking systems changed everything.

wowww.! what’s trending today? Follow me to know.

7 Google Trends to follow in 2022

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the practice of using an influencer’s image and goodwill to promote and advertise a brand’s product or services. Influencers can be individuals or groups with a massive fan following. Here are some of the reasons why influencer marketing has gained momentum in the current business. Instagram

2. Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is believed to be one of the most effective ways to reach the target audience. It is an approach that stands true to the definition of digital marketing – using different digital mediums to promote, engage, and serve customers. Omnichannel marketing offers a varied set of benefits, which are as follows:

  1. Attracting new customers and market segments
  2. Engaging customers after sales
  3. Increasing trust and loyalty of customers
  4. Boosting sales and customer satisfaction
  5. Helps understand customer demand and needs

Omnichannel marketing is widely used in retail, entertainment, food service, business, and other industries.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the process of developing smart computer systems that can perform similar functions to the human brain. Companies can use AI to gauge the needs and demands of their customers. Simultaneously, it can be used to find out patterns in customer buying behavior, monitor and offer a solution to formulate a marketing strategy.

Moreover, AI applications like machine learning, deep learning, and others can be used for various customer and marketing-related activities – including content creation, ad monitoring, promoting products, interacting with customers, and more. Therefore, as a digital marketing trend, AI is a boon for companies looking to level up their advertising game.

4. Video Marketing

Social media platforms have offered a new space for companies to promote their products or services to their target audience. Video marketing is a potent digital marketing tool popular among businesses trying to increase their customer base. Experts believe that videos are more effective than any other form of content; that’s why many brands are shifting their focus to developing content-rich and enthralling videos to promote their products or services.

Similarly, social media applications like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and others have also integrated short-form content into their algorithms, helping brands proliferate to their target audience. Therefore, brands looking to increase their customer base can opt for video marketing as their promotional strategy.

5. Long-form Content

Content marketing is a popular digital marketing trend using which companies often promote their product or services. Similarly, long-form content is the subsect of content marketing that consists of blog posts or articles of more than 3000 words to promote a product or service. Companies create long-form content intending to increase their visibility, industry expertise, and customer engagement. In addition to this, here are some other reasons why businesses opt for long-form content:

Increases traffic on the website

More people visit the company’s website due to the long-form content’s popularity. However, people are less likely to explore more products and services of the brand.

High ranking on search engine

Search engine ranking and website traffic have a direct correlation. Therefore, an increase in traffic would lead to a high ranking on a search engine, further increasing customer interaction and engagement on the website.

Increases customer engagement and interaction

Long-form content helps in initiating a conversation between a brand and its customers. Furthermore, it also increases customer engagement and loyalty.

6. Social Media Shopping

The advent of social media has helped businesses closely interact with their audience and provide a medium to sell their goods and service. The integration of social media and e-commerce has opened doors for an online marketplace for customers from different strata of society to buy products and services that match their expectations. It is a popular social media trend that transcends different industries. Moreover, it is an effective way to make your products available to customers while interacting and engaging with them.

7. Progressive Web Pages

Progressive web pages are online websites that perform the functions of a mobile application. They send push notifications, load faster than other sites, and are accessible offline, among others. A progressive web page is one of the latest digital marketing trends that has addressed the need for websites that can offer a versatile user interface to customers with different devices. Furthermore, this latest digital marketing trend is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the forthcoming years.

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